Circle Takes the Square

Circle Takes The Square was birthed from Savannah, Georgia in early 2000. Consisting of Drew Speziale (guitar/vocals), Kathy Coppola (bass/vocals), Jay Wynne (drums), and Collin Kelly (second guitar), the band quickly cut a demo CD for tour and soon after recorded for a split 7" with the mighty Pg.99. Following the release of the 7", Collin left the band and they remained a three piece until late 2004 with the addition of Bobby Scandiffio.

In the early summer of 2003, as a trio the band recorded their debut full-length for Robotic Empire, entitled As The Roots Undo, which has not only received widespread critical acclaim, but according to Alternative Press, has "turned hardcore's rules for genre, song structure and pretty much everything else on their heads." Following the album's tracking the band hit the road for the better chunk of the year, resulting in an odometer that's seen three large-scale US tours, a UK jaunt and countless weeklong excursions over the years, all while a full-time college schedule.

Graduating from college now allows the band to fulfill their intense passion for playing live, during which CTTS submits themselves to the challenge of communicating with unfamiliar faces using only the vocabulary that music can provide. Each show allows exploration of emotions and experiences from a new perspective, as translated into this unique and amazing language of sound. This is all achieved through their primary interest of no genre limitations with a healthy respect to innovation. To quote the band directly:

"The changes we've experienced on individual levels and as a band over the last four years is apparent in our writing. Each recording is a sketch, marking a different point on the path that we're stumbling along. Our music is rooted in our love for the punk rock/hardcore scene that helped to raise us, but our influences range from ambient and electronic to indie and hip-hop. Our new full length (As The Roots Undo) is our most experimental release to date, as the risk of trying new things ended up being the most rewarding aspect of the writing process."

With hefty touring planned for the immediate future and another album on the eventual horizon, Circle Takes The Square continue to expand on the tracks they've already forged. A wide variety of fans have turned their ears to the band... kids that like everything abrasive/chaotic from Blood Brothers and Daughters to the more indie-minded sounds of Bright Eyes and Cursive... all having found CTTS to be a captivating experience. With the evolution of the band anything but clear yet undoubtedly incredible, the excitement surrounding this young group is truly a fascinating thing to behold.

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Audio:Houdini Logic from CD ep
Audio:Crow Quill from As the Roots Undo
Video:@ Gainesville, FL 2004
Video:Crow Quill @ Macrock 2004

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