Black Tusk - The Fallen Kingdom - HR025
Finally released on vinyl, The Fallen Kingdom from BLACK TUSK! Originally released as a short run of CDs several years ago (only 300 copies) as a co-release between the band and artist John Baizley, this 8 song EP is now available on 12" vinyl. First pressing has limited yellow vinyl.
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Thou / City Is The Tower - Dwell in the Darkness of Thought and Drink the Poison of Life - HR024
Split release with Init Records. Another release from the unstoppable New Orleans metal band THOU. THOU does two songs - one new song and an AGENTS OF OBLIVION cover. Fellow Louisianians THE CITY IS THE TOWER serve up three catchy songs of screamy yet melodic hardcore on the flipside. Comes packaged in reverse-board jackets with heavy reverse-board printed inner sleeves. 200 on red vinyl, 800 on black.
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Get Rad - I.C.A.L. (I Can Always Live) - HR023
What can be said about Milwaukee's GET RAD that the name doesn't tell you already? This is the band's second full length and, in our humble opinion, their best output to date. Get Rad bring more fun than you can stand to a classic hardcore sound. Packaged in a gatefold jacket and includes a free download of the album. Split release with our buddies Gilead Media. 500 on clear vinyl, 200 on black vinyl.
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Black Tusk - Black Tusk / ASG "Lowcountry" split - HR022
The inevitable split with Savannah, GA's BLACK TUSK and Wilmington, NC's ASG. Four new ASG tracks recorded live in the studio to capture the bands raw intensity. Black Tusk round this out with three new tracks of the dirty southern metal only they can deliver. Just enough to hold you over until the new LP drops in early '10. CD out now, 10" coming soon. Both sides produced by Phillip Cope. Cover art by John Baizley.
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Kylesa - Unknown Awareness - HR021
"Unknown Awareness", the first single from the fourth KYLESA album, "Static Tensions", (Prosthetic Records). This single is limited to only 1,000 copies - 400 color vinyl, 600 black vinyl - in a one time pressing. There will also be a very limited tour edition of this single available only from the band at the NY shows with Amebix at the end of January. The tour edition is limited to only 36 copies and is packaged in a two color screen printed cover. If you snap one of those up, consider yourself lucky! Side B is a non-LP track.
Out of Print
Arum Rae - Arum Rae - HR020
ARUM RAE s/t CD is the Hyperrealist reissue of the self-released "Too Young to Sing the Blues" disc from 2006. Re-released and repackaged in a minimalist gatefold pocket sleeve, this disc has been unleashed once again upon the world to prepare it for new records to come. Call it blues, call it americana, call it alt-country... It's an honest, heartfelt record with sincere songwriting that people off all walks of life can enjoy. Recommended for fans of Lucero, Neko Case, Drag The River, etc.
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Baroness - First & Second - HR019
The "First" and "Second" EPs from Savannah, Georgia's BARONESS are finally available again. Remixed and remastered, both are released together here on one full length CD. Often referred to as post-metal or prog-metal, Baroness' strength is their sound that defies classification. Everything from thunderous stoner riffs to d-beat hardcore agression, psychadelic interludes to classic metal guitar harmonies and topped off with powerful, guttural vocals, Baroness change genre and style as seamlessly and effortlessly as they change tempo. Packaged in a foil stamped custom digipack with o-card slipcover, this CD is a beautiful presentation of John Baizley's art as well as an entire era of the band's career. For fans of Mastodon, Torche, Isis and the like. Produced by Phillip Cope of Kylesa.
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Alcest - Souvenirs d'Un Autre Monde - HR018
After making a small stir in the Black Metal underground with their 2005 mini-CD, "Le Secret", ALCEST have left their origins in that scene far behind them. Their music manages to evoke a spring-like atmosphere full of beauty, intense joy and light, but also filled with yearning and nostalgia. It brings to mind memories of the innocence and bliss of a childhood long past as well as impressions of a fantastic fairyland of perfect harmony.

With his application of Slowdive and Yann Tiersen to Burzum, multi-instrumentalist Neige has created a musical concept for himself that is nothing less than revolutionary and the actual realization of this concept on "Souvenirs dun autre monde" has made for a peerless landmark. No other title would have done justice to this debut album, as ALCEST's songs really are souvenirs from another world. ( from

Under license from Prophecy Productions. Limited to 1,000 LPs.

Out of Print
Skeletonwitch - Beyond the Permafrost - HR017
Formed in Athens, Ohio, SKELETONWITCH has been launching metal assaults on an unsuspecting underground since 2003. The members of THE WITCH are bonded by the universal truth, that heavy metal is the law, thereby unleashing the band's brand of ripping, epic thrash. Everything begins with the purity and aggression of the 80s Bay Area thrash scene, but SKELETONWITCH further fuels its evil onslaught with elements of black and Viking metal while proudly waving the NWOBHM flag. Vinyl LP release licensed from Prosthetic Records. First pressing is 1,000 copies and they're moving fast! 400 on ice blue vinyl. Comes with poster insert.
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Baroness - Red Album - HR016
Savannah, Georgia's Baroness blow the lid off their cauldron of hall of fame riffs on their first record for Relapse and debut full-length titled Red Album. With a sound built upon a resolute sense of purpose and shaped by hundreds of explosive live shows, Baroness position themselves at the forefront of heavy music with an epic album that is at once powerful, expressive, confident, and commanding. Red Album sees the band expand its sonic vision; colossal riffs and haunting vocals roll like thunder across epic songs spanning both the intense and the sublime. As the Red Album proves, Baroness' formidable reputation proceeds them for a reason. (from

The Hyperrealist 2xLP version of this is limited to a one time pressing of 1,000 copies. Ordering info to be posted soon.
Out of Print
Black Tusk - Passage Through Purgatory - HR015
Debut full length LP/CD from Savannah's swamp metal trio, BlackTusk.
With a triple vocal attack and a sound alternating between sludgy, heavy southern rock tinged crust and breakneck blasts harkening back to the skaterock crossover bands of the 80s, the tusk contribute their own take on the full bore, brutal sound Savannah bands are known for. Produced by Phillip Cope (Kylesa). Cover art by John Baizley. BlackTusk west coast and UK tours in '08. CD has an extra track and bonus DVD. LP is available on color vinyl (350 copies on blue). LP available in February.

Re-mixed and rereleased by Relapse Records.
Out of Print
Get Rad - Say Fuck No To Rules, Man - HR014
GET RAD from Milwaukee, WI (members of SEVEN DAYS OF SAMSARA, SINCE BY MAN, HIGH ON CRIME, KUNG FU RICK and TEXTBOOK TRAITORS) make their debut with a full length LP/CD. 21 songs of 80s inspired hardcore dealing with such important issues as BMX bikes, water parks, puppies, unity and how rad your friends are. A ridiculously positive record and the perfect soundtrack for the one man bedroom mosh pit. Get this now while the weather is still warm! For fans of MINOR THREAT, STRIKE ANYWHERE, NINE SHOCKS TERROR and the like.
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Lords/In Tongues - Split 7 - HR012
Split EP from two stellar Louisville, KY bands. Lords (Jade Tree Records) contribute one new song of their angry, loud and gritty rock as well as a blazing cover of Suicidal Tendencies' "You Can't Bring Me Down" for good measure. IN TONGUES (ex-members of Kodan Armada) balance out the split with two tracks of heartfelt and mature post hardcore falling somewhere between Majority Rule and At The Drive In. Intricate songwriting and a powerful performance.
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Baroness - Second - HR010
Baroness return to the studio with producer Phillip Cope to record their sophomore EP, appropriately titled "Second". "Second" shows another side of Baroness and ups the ante with less straightforward rock and more tech-heavy instrumentals, tempo changes and psychedelic interludes while at the same time capturing the energy and intensity of their live show. Three songs clocking in at 21 minutes. Vinyl format has laser etched B-Side of John Baizley art.
Out of Print
Newgenics - 7 - HR009
A split label project on four different labels (hyperrealist, stereonucleosis, shock value and dangerously small) each with its own packaging, the hyperrealist version of this EP is limited to 300 copies. Ex-members of in/humanity, guyana punch line and marion come together to create a record unlike any of those bands, instead going in a more devo meets gang of four inspired direction. two rocking tunes that make you want to throw your fist in the air, but leave your studded jacket at home. put on a nice suit (or a not so nice suit) and have a drink.
Out of Print
Chronicle A/D - Enough Rats in the Wall... and the Empires Fall 7 - HR008
Two song debut EP from peace punks Chronicle A/D. Dual vocals and frantic guitars over driving basslines and utterly maniacal drumming. Has ex-members of Antischism/Initial State and Karst. A solid debut release.
Out of Print
the Dead Hate the Living - Shock and Awe - HR007
The debut full length and followup to their "Take that, world!" ep on Limbless Records. Female/male/male vocalled speedpicking all out thrash attack. 12 new songs that have been compared to Attitude Adjustment and Christ on a Crutch. Some pressed on zombie flesh color vinyl! CD format has two bonus tracks. Recorded and engineered by Anthony Stubelek (Circle Takes The Square, Caroline).
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Baroness - First - HR006
The repress is here! Everything from thunderous stoner riffs to metal to full on swedish-influenced, d-beat hardcore aggression all in a single song. A modern approach to hardcore that harkens back to the songwriting and rock styles of decades ago. This is where classic rock, prog and crust meet. A three song EP clocking in at 17 minutes. Produced by Phillip Cope of KYLESA. Some of the first pressing was pressed on clear smoke grey vinyl. Mailorder gets brown vinyl..
Out of Print
Memento Mori - Discography CD - HR005
Ex-members of Cobra Kai, Sutek Conspiracy and Scrotum Grinder. Metal tinged hardcore with the most scathing female vocals on the planet. Brutal. This CD has the songs from the 12", split 7" with Kylesa and four unreleased songs. Includes 12 page lyric/photo booklet.
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Cream Abdul Babar/Teen Cthulhu - Split CD EP - HR004
Two new tracks from CAB - one new song recorded during the same session as their split with Kylesa and produced by the mighty Billy Anderson; the other one of the brilliant noisescapes they're known for. Teen Cthulhu bring us 3 songs of Norwegian keyboard black metal played by kids in baseball hats instead of goofy face paint. Sadly one of T.C.'s final releases as they've called it quits. Be sure to check out Doomsday 1999!.
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Circle Takes the Square - As the Roots Undo - HR003
The long awaited full length from the Circle and its leaps and bounds beyond their previous recordings. Intricately interwoven chaos and melody, screams and whispers and chants and power... A perfectly written album that flows flawlessly from one song to another creating an ethereal mood spanning the entire emotional spectrum. A modern hardcore masterpiece. Comes in a gatefold sleeve. 330 copies on green marble vinyl.
Out of Print
the Bricks/Two Days of Freedom - Split 7" - HR002
The Bricks are total old school punk. Loud and pissed off. In our opinion one of the best bands going in this genre. While the bands share two members, Two Days of Freedom have a much darker sound. Sadness transformed into an energetic musical outburst. An uplifting six minute escape from your day to day misery. Four tracks from The Bricks, three from TDOF.
Out of Print
Circle Takes the Square - CD ep - HR001.5
This CD is no longer available. It has been remixed and was scheduled for release on lp/cd with bonus songs and a new package. No updates on the status of this record.
Out of Print
Kylesa / Memento Mori - Split 7" - HR001
KYLESA (ex- members of Damad and Cobra Kai) have become one of the most powerful sounds in punk today. Deeply rooted in punk, but with a definite metal influence, they've developed a sound that goes far beyond mere words. Give their full length a listen and be amazed. Memento Mori (ex-members of Cobra Kai, Sutek Conspiracy and Scrotum Grinder) play fast and technical metal tinged hardcore with unheard of intensity. One track from kylesa and two from memento mori. 1,100 copies pressed, 227 on clear vinyl.
Out of Print
Black Merinos - Self Titled - HR000
Side project of two In/Humanity members. A much slower and heavier sound than I/H and lyrics dealing with animal rights and life in the south. Heavy and chaotic. 1,000 made never to be repressed.
Out of Print

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