In alphabetical order by band:

Baroness: Rise from their release: First
Black Merinos: Insides are Raped
Chronicle A/D: Tribes Against Empires
Circle Takes the Square: Houdini Logic from their release: CD ep
Circle Takes the Square: Crow Quill from their release: As the Roots Undo
Memento Mori: Custom-Fit Guillotine
Teen Cthulhu: Astral Black from their release: Split CD EP
the Bricks: Out of Luck from their release: Split 7"
the Dead Hate the Living: Pale For Weariness from their release: Shock and Awe
Two Days of Freedom: Worthless from their release: Split 7"
Valkyrie: Windswept

Baroness:Rise @ Alley Katz Richmond, VA 03/31/05
video by G.Perry

Baroness:@ Gainesville, FL 2004
Circle Takes the Square:@ Gainesville, FL 2004
Circle Takes the Square:Crow Quill @ Macrock 2004
Cream Abdul Babar:Cocaine Pinata
@ The Drunken Unicorn Atlanta, GA 05/03/04

Cream Abdul Babar:Its Hard To Sue When You're Laughing
@ 2424 Savannah, GA 01/05/02 CAB rock the house despite illness
and freezing temperatures.

Kylesa:No Remorse
@ Tight Pockets Athens, GA 05/30/03
Last show of spring 03 tour. Friend Chris later unplugs everything in a drunken stupor
video to appear later...

Memento Mori:Poison Tongue, Poison Heart
@ 2424 Savannah, GA 12/15/01
From the first tour. If anyone out there has video
from the second tour, please contact us!

Teen Cthulhu:Ready the Guillotine
@ Velvet Savannah, GA

Teen Cthulhu:Burning Fields
@ Velvet Savannah, GA
Black metal keyboard mayhem.
Thanks to John for the video!

the Dead Hate the Living:Politics of Bickering
@ Tight Pockets Athens, GA 01/02/04

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