Do you accept demo tapes?

Yes, we want to hear your demo. But i will tell you right now that every band on our label are folks that we've seen play, got to bro down with and have become great friends. This to us is just as important as the music. The purpose of this label is to release music from bands we feel inspire us and are good folks. Please send us your demo - I look forward to hearing it. But just be aware that we have not yet done a record for a band because of a demo.

I do a distro/record store and want to carry your releases. Can I buy direct?

All of our distribution is done exclusively by Ebullition and we encourage you to contact Kent for wholesale. However, if you do not deal with them for whatever reason, please feel free to contact us for wholesale info.

I do a radio show. Can i have records for airplay?

Absolutely. Please send us your request on station letterhead and include playlists OR email us your info with links to the website for your station and info on your show (times, station name and location, webcast info). We want our stuff to get airplay on college radio whenever possible - especially shows with webcast.

Would you like to place an ad in my zine?

We can't afford to send an ad to every zine out there, so our advertising is pretty limited to where we think it gets the most exposure. Chances are we will not send an ad to any zine with a press run of less than 1,000 copies unless it is free or trade. We do want to support the zine scene, but realistically cannot afford to send a record or money to everyone out there with a Kinko's hookup. If you'd like us to advertise in your zine or would like records for review, please send us a copy to check out and include your press info.

Can i trade some of my label's releases for Hyperrealist releases?

Unfortunately, no. We do not set up distro tables any longer and really have no use for other labels' releases. Running a label is enough work as it is and we simply have not got the time to do distro as well. However, if you have done records for any Hyperrealist related bands and would just like to trade some single copies, we would most likely be into that. Please contact us if that is the case.

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